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cto - jim bullough-latsch

chief software architect: jim bullough-latsch


summary dynamic, innovative technology executive with over 20 years experience in technology planning, software architecture, program management, security, project leadership and development/integration of complex software and systems.

  •  proactive problem solver, implementing optimal solutions with careful consideration to the bottom line, security, long-range goals, feasibility and ease of use.

  •  successfully led numerous system integration efforts.

  •  strong leadership, interpersonal and conflict resolution skills.  mentor who encourages individual growth and development.

  •  utilizing hands on technical skills and leadership ability, contributed to the saving of 6 major programs.

  •  extensive information security experience spanning 20 years with recent emphasis on sarbanes oxley information technology architects

  •  advanced degrees from yale university and ucla.


tech skills

  • languages: c, c++, fortran, html, java, jovial, .net, active x, pascal, sql, visual basic, visual studio, com, dcom, dao, rdo, ado, ado/md, asp, tex, forth, basic, apl, ada, assembly

  • databases: oracle, sql server, access, sybase, visual foxpro

  • os: windows 2000/nt/xp/9x, windows ce, dos, rtos, unix, linux, ibm aix/main frame, vax, vx works, real time, os/9, rtos, embedded systems

  • web: iis and others

  • networking: wan/lan routing and switching, tcp/ip, dod systems, secure e-commerce, vpn

  • hardware: pcs, lab-tops, pc tablets, servers, dec, sun/ hp, embedded systems, main frames, firewalls, routers

  • experience

    multiple projects 2002 � present

    senior technology consultant

    as a key leader, successfully delivering software and technology services in a variety of industries. merging internet technology with revenue growth is a major specialty. information security has been a recent emphasis.


    • developed road map for integrated web-based laboratory reports and physicians� orders that enabled the matching of medical needs and revenue generation.

    • increased the security of the credit card processing, supporting a 1000% growth in revenue.

    • defined solution architecture for sarbanes-oxley compliance systems for fortune 200 companies

    • sarbanes oxley information technology audits

    environment: oracle, linux, java, windows 2000/2003 iis, sql server 2000, asp, com, .net, vb


    dependence internet commerce, canoga park, ca 1998 � 2002

    dependence is a business-to-business electronic commerce company serving the health care and compliance management industry.

    chief technology officer

    spearheaded the operation of all it and technology functions in the organization. initially as program manager and software architect, led construction of an innovative, multi-tier internet architecture that supported new systems as well as legacy code. managed the b2b e-commerce including definition, development, integration and operations.

    • system design provided seamless access to the supply chain, clinical and financial subsystems.

    • the web-based system utilized sql server 7.0/2000, java, c and interdev running on nt/2000-based web and database severs. the client software ran on windows platforms, with the legacy software developed in visual basic with an access database interface.


    • program manager for vital point software work that supported electronic medical records, reducing communication overhead 50%.

    • redesigned user-interface and conducted training to reduce new user start-up time from 40 hours to 4 hours.

    environment: windows nt/2000, sql server 7.0/2000, java, c, interdev, access


    jet propulsion laboratory (jpl)/oao, pasadena, ca 1997 � 1999

    senior technology consultant

    managed the integration and testing for the geosar radar flight software (c, vxworks) and control system (unix, nt/embedded, tcp/ip inter-processor communications).

    performed system-engineering activities such as defining requirements, interfaces and software architecture.

    coded a portion of the operator interface.

    provided on-call support during flight test.


    led effort to redesign geosar�s software, eliminating cost over-runs and enabling accelerated flight-testing.

    environment: c, vxworks, unix, nt/embedded, tcp/ip


    elanix, west lake village, ca 1996 � 1997

    program manager

    systemview by elanix reduces final product cost by enabling designers to determine the optimal design blocks and parameters and shortens time-to-market.

     program manager for automated translation of high-level designs into real-time software for digital signal processors.

     developed software in c and c++ for a pc-based (nt/windows 95) digital communications and signal processing simulation system.

    developed communications encoding software.


    sub-system added recurring revenue to the design tool product line.

    environment: c/c++, nt, windows 91, power pc


    boeing (rockwell/rocketdyne), canoga park, ca 1989 � 1995

    software architect/technical specialist

    effectively designed/developed architecture and performed systems engineering for the electronic power system control software supporting the international space station alpha. system architecture included multiple tiers of computers and software in a distributed fault tolerant environment.

    • served as project engineer for the dc-to-dc converter unit.

    • technical lead for the software safety effort, which pioneered new techniques to develop, assess and qualify safety critical software.

    • developed architecture for electrical power control system, designed the eps firmware (assembly, c) and developed power management software (ada).


    • contributed to the definition of effective and affordable software solutions for safely controlling critical operations in space as part of the space station transition team.

    • member of nasa/contractor software safety working group that defined software technology and assessment methodology for safety critical software.

    environment: assembly, c, ada, ibm, embedded


    raytheon (hughes aircraft), el segundo, ca 1984 - 1989, 1980 - 1982

    scientist/senior systems engineer

    as technical leader and software architect developed of electronic counter-counter measures (eccm) software enhancements for the apg-70 radar system (assembly and jovial).


    • coordinated the macro program language, enabling mid-level structure and software reusability for high-speed signal processing.

    • co-leader of the bit tiger team, whose performance saved a multi-billion dollar project.

    • led r&d effort that was a major contributor to winning the common signal processor product line (a billion dollar contract).

    • defined an electronic count-count-measure architecture, making the development of new techniques effective and manageable.

    environment: assembly, jovial, dsp, real-time

    northrop/grumman (trw), redondo beach, ca 1982 - 1984

    member of the technical staff


    • member of trw / air force team to restructure gss program to work within the financial and technical constraints.

    • tested pioneering effort at automated structured software design and requirements.


    university of california, los angeles, ca - ms, computer science, 1982

    yale university, new haven, ct - ms, mathematics, 1980

    university of california, los angeles, ca - ba, mathematics, 1978


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