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Liquidation is sometimes used when a company wishes to divest itself of some of its assets. This is used, for instance, when a retail establishment wishes to close stores. They will sell to a company that specializes in store liquidation instead of attempting to run a store closure sale themselves. Wiki liquidation
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Asset Recovery is a trade term used to describe the process of reselling equipment from a business in the process of going through bankruptcy or foreclosure. An asset recovery company will purchase the equipment at a discounted price and resell it for a profit, giving some, if not most, of the money back to the ailing company or creditors. Asset recovery is a business process for optimizing the residual value of assets that are: 1) scheduled to become inactive, 2) underutilized or 3) already inactive. Effective Asset Recovery includes executable and sustainable management strategies throughout the Asset Life Cycle to dramatically improve business performance. The Asset Life Cycle starts when a company identifies a need for an asset, then moves into the acquisition phase where the asset becomes tangible or real, then moves into the operational phase where the asset is used for its intended purpose. At the point in time when assets become surplus at their current facility/location the asset enters the Disposition Phase of the asset life cycle. Assets become surplus for a variety of reasons, including: evolving business requirements, corporate direction, obsolescence, underutilization or wear and tear. There are several terms used to describe the Disposition phase of the asset life cycle, “Investment Recovery”, “Asset Management”, “Disposal Management” or “Asset Recovery”, but regardless of what you call it, the objective is to optimize the residual value of the surplus (unused or under-utilized) assets. Simple Ali Landry melt angular Mobile phone shaggy Adriana Lima

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